Over the past 20 years, Michael has written and contributed to grant applications and proposals resulting in several millions of dollars to support programs in the areas of violence prevention and positive youth development. He also possesses more than a decade of experience as a grant-giver, thus he knows both sides of the equation.

Unlike many grant writers, Michael exclusively prepares grant applications on topics in which he possesses expertise: both academic and practical. These include proposals in the areas of youth, school, and family violence prevention; positive youth development; and juvenile and criminal justice reform efforts. Consequently, Michael serves not only as a professional writer, he also serves as an expert advisor on the content of the proposal, including citations to pertinent literature, contributes to the program design, and advises clients about the known evidence-based practices and programs. In other words, Michael collaborates with his clients on all aspects of the proposal.

Michael also has worked with and at foundations to establish systems to assess the impact of program grants. He is available to foundations on a regular or one-time basis to help foundations develop assessment procedures that correspond with the foundation’s needs and are practically doable by the grantees.