Over the past five years, Michael has been contacted by attorneys and parents to serve as an expert witness in bullying cases in which the parents and their bullied child have chosen to sue their schools/school districts.  While initially reluctant to do this work—these cases are difficult to win and very expensive to undertake—he realized that some cases were so horrific and the child’s school so unresponsive that he believed and still believes that in rare cases that this is a necessary option.  Michael is more than willing to provide free consultations to provide his perspective on whether cases are meritorious and if he is willing and able to take on a particular case.  In rare cases, Michael will provide these services to schools and schools districts in cases in which allegations against the school or school district clearly do not rise to the applicable legal and regulatory standards.  Please contact Michael at 973-202-1508 or fill out this short contact form.

In this work, Michael typically reviews all pre-trial materials and depositions—often comprised of many thousands of pages—and prepares a professional report that is submitted to the Courts.  The reports are based on his reading of the materials, discussions with the attorney, his knowledge of the law, regulations, and policies, and applicable professional literature.  See Michael’s list of often-ignored but vital citations that can be used by attorneys and are often cited in Michael’s reports (see “Some Documents Used in Bullying/Harassment Litigation“).  Thus far, Michael’s reports have been central in pre-trial negations and settlements have been reached without resort to a formal trail.  See Michael’s outline and format (which can vary) for these reports (Outline for Expert Opinion Reports).

Michael does this work because he passionately believes that schools must ensure the safety and well-being of students.  This is not a full-time endeavor for Michael.  He works on a limited number of such cases and devotes as much time and energy as is needed for each case.  He only accepts cases in which egregious violations of laws, regulations, and required practices are evident.  Michael always adheres to agreed-upon timelines in providing drafts and outlines.  He also provides an accurate accounting of time devoted to cases and has a single hourly rate inclusive of all materials, research, and all work devoted to each cases, i.e., there are no hidden fees.

With rare exceptions, Michael’s professional fee for this work is $300/hour.  He has been hired by attorneys and hired by the litigating parents.  For further information, see Michael’s Brochure.