Our Objectives

Greene Consulting was established by Dr. Michael B. Greene to provide technical assistance to a wide range of institutions and organizations in the area of violence prevention.  Michael only provides assistance in those problem areas in which he knows the literature and has worked at the grassroots level in addressing the problem at hand. The objectives of this work are:

  • To train and educate about real-world strategies and solutions that are firmly rooted in the extant knowledge base.
  • To help organizations establish procedures to secure meaningful and timely feedback about the success of their work and adopt evaluation strategies that provide continuous quality improvement.
  • To prepare reports and write proposals that lead to positive outcomes.

How important is the work?

Michael is humbled by the nature and scope of the scourge of violence by and to some of our most promising young people; young people, for the most part, whose primary misfortune is being born into hellish neighborhoods and burned out or absent parents.  Arrays of statistics can easily be compiled to demonstrate the nature and dynamics of violence in the United States, the known risk and protective factors, the unimaginable human and economic toll it takes, and the extraordinary unequal distribution of serious violence in the United States.   But we must not stop there, a stop that leads only to outrage and pessimism.  What we need is not more problem statements or statements about how horrible the violence is, but rather doable short and long-term strategies to reduce violence in our streets, in our homes, in our neighborhoods, and in our schools.  Michael believes that he can best contribute to this goal by providing targeted and effective strategic assistance to those already doing this work in the trenches of our urban centers of poverty in neighborhood organizations, among activist parents and community activists, and by working closely with progressive attorneys.  Together, we can make a difference.

Services Provided

  • Workshops/Lectures:  in Michael’s areas of expertise.
  • Expert Witness Work:  primarily in cases of bullying and harassment.
  • Program Development:  with neighborhood, school, hospital, and governmental programs.
  • Evaluation Strategies:  for grass roots programs and foundations.
  • Proposal Writing:  for community based agencies and universities.

Areas of Expertise

  • Bullying and Harassment in Schools
  • Youth Violence/Juvenile Justice
  • Positive Youth Development